Friday, January 16, 2009

Homosexuality & The Dark side of society

The adjective homosexual describes behavior, relationships, people, orientation etc. The adjectival form literally means "same sex".Homosexuality a term which is somehow ignored in our so called society.The World is progressing.Humankind are being modernised.But some terms..some things we still want to ignore.Some facts we dont want to discuss at all.We have a restriction and we cant go beyond that.Homosexuality is one of those terms.In a country like India Sex is still a fantacy to many people.Most of us can not take it as a normal physical behaviour of human.And in a society like this whom do you expect to talk on a issue like homosexuality?Many people think this is a sort of Sin.Everyone tries to avoid this fact.Let us talk about the origin of homosexuality...
It is hard to say for me the actual origin of homosexuality.But this has been a feature of human culture since the ancient ages.America,East Asia,Europe,Middle East, South and Central Asia,south Pacific had homosexuality as integral part of culture.In East Asia, same-sex love has been referred to since the earliest recorded history.So possibly east Asia can be termed as the origin of homosexuality.Even Batsayan's Kamasutra reffers the homosexuality which proves the existence of same gender love relationships from the ancient ages in India.The first known appearance of homosexual in print is found in an 1869 German pamphlet by the Austrian-born novelist Karl-Maria Kertbeny, published anonymously.The prevalence of the concept owes much to the work of the German psychiatrist Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing and his 1886 work "Psychopathia Sexualis".Many historical figures, including Socrates, Lord Byron, Edward II, Hadrian[31], Julius Caesar, Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo da Vinci, and Christopher Marlowe had romantic or sexual relationships with people of their own sex.In 1960 some political activists in the West, particularly those in major metropolitan areas, have developed a so-called gay culture.But in 1980 AIDS outbroken in the West society.Many campaigns were organised to make people aware of this killer disease.Major American Motion pictures made many dramatical mives during this period like An Early Lost(1985),Philadelphia(1993),And the Band played On(1993).Some well made films are also there on Female homosexuality like "Lost and delirious","Claire of the moon" etc.
Gay and Lesbian youth faces many problems in society.There is a increased risk of suicide to these youth society.They actually faces many problem in families and school or colleges.Many times they are physically or mentally abused by people around them.This risk factor associated with this sexually minor people is really high.There are some online service to prevent suicide among gay youths.Religions have also differing views about this homosexuality.Religions strongly protest against this sort of relationships.
India is a highly religious country.In India homosexual relationships are actually banned.It is still a forbidden issue in our country.Section 377 of the IPC states that ‘Whosoever has carnal intercourse voluntarily against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or imprisonment for a term which may extend to 10 years, and shall be liable to fine’. Though Indian community has not accepted homosexuality till date,it has been gaining recognition gradually.In metro cities this issue is being slowly accepted.But socially this sort of relationship is still unaccepted.Many people are being progressive about this.But many of them take this issue much lightly and making fun of this.Hollywood film industry has made some great films based on this issue.But in bollywood and Indian film industry gay or lesbian relationship is still a subject to make comedy sequence.Some political issues are also there.Some religious political party leaders provoking people against homosexuality.A negative impact is being created about gay and lesbian relationship.So,what is the future?Not only in India but also in many countries this issue is neglected.For an example,Homosexuals deserve to be executed or tortured and possibly both, an Kuwaiti Iranian leader told British MPs during a private meeting at a peace conference.Etheopian government is torturing & executing gays.South African governments are also against homosexuals.
So this is the situation.This is one of the most neglected issues in India.But when Indian people will that much modern and progressive to think this issue also?People still think the homosexuals as mentally retarded.Things must change.And people who really understand the issue,must take step to make the society more progressive for the future Indians.

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