Thursday, January 15, 2009

The REAL Breaking News!!!

The news channels always should be thanked by us for bringing some breaking news to break the boredom in our every day life.Everyday when I switch on TV and and go for some fresh news there surely is a Flashing Breaking news.But the funniest part of these breaking news is they can do nothing but make you break into laughter. I's news channels should be nominated for providing comedy in our everyday life..

For an example...a few days ago,I cant't remember the name of the channel..coz all of them are bloody same..
bye the way....the breaking news was some aliens have landed on our planet and they are disguising and living among us and they can be anyone among us...
same channel next day...the breaking news is It was not Salman Khan who threatend Aishwariya Rai Bachhan..then  who was the man behind mask???well they did not know it either
and the next day...Aliens are back in action to take some cows and some poultry animals to their planet....
and the next day....huh...give me a break from these breaking news..

Can you believe it?There are so many people who are watching these programs and taking these shits so much seriously?After all these are some National News Channels.The reality is if there are no calamity in recent days..or no political issues..or no murder case..or no break ups between Shahid Kareena....the simple way to stabilize the TRP(television Rating point) is to prepare a grasping script with non-sense thrilling story and air it...
This is a simple process to maintain the TRPs and keep the channel entertaining to make some profit..But Is this really that much simple or funny?Now a days if you want some serious news you have to tune in to some english news channels.
Well that is easy enough for people who are easy with the language.But for those who does not know the language.. they still have to depend upon these National Hindi News channels.
Television and specially news channels are so called educative medium for many many people.They watch it..they  believe it..they keep it in their mind.These breaking news are knowledge for which tells you everyday to be aware from Aliens....forget Terrorism..forget about the real scientific facts...forget about the progressive world..just beware from Aliens..Or go to some sadhubaba to learn the way of living a few days more...Or keep yourself updated with every singe affairs of the bollywood stars..

So what is the future?I really dont know..
I am just waiting for the time when there will be no Breaking news to telecast for them...
This thing itself will be the REAL BREAKING NEWS!!!


  1. m sure it is india tv..Give child lock to it..


  2. ya....
    ie log to kuch bhi doikha dete hai....

    just ignore these channels....
    let the TRP go down...

  3. i am not with u........those channels are very good..........:P

  4. yep i agree....breakin news r bullshit....rather it's not only breakin news...but some news channels surely r....u wont believe there was a news channel which telecasted a program on....visit yamlok while u r still alive....n u wont believe it either,i watched the entire program....not to believe it....but 2 see where exactly does it extends my disbelief

  5. Yup i agree with you. Once i saw AAJTAK's breaking news as a person calculated his own time for death. But he did not die. It took 12 hrs for AAJTAK to telecast it skipping other national & international news. Also I hated the way it was said.But always I hate d drama regarding a breaking news.